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Need to scale engineering?

Before spending cash on hiring, make sure you consider your options. We built this easy-access spreadsheet calculator for you to weigh your choices: optimize existing processes or hire more engineers.

Hire people or optimize processes?

Access the calculator and see your ROI in 3 simple steps.




Clone the spreadsheet.

Adjust a few data points.

Visualize your options.

What you'll find inside.

Calculate ROI over time, based on your own data.


Who is this for?

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Is this really free?

The calculator was built for engineering leaders responsible for scaling the productivity of their team. The same principles apply, however, to other technical departments. Learn more about our approach here

Absolutely. We never share personal information with third parties. We'll only send you occasional emails with advice on how to use metrics in engineering. You can opt-out any time.

Yep! Hitting the "Get the Calculator" button takes you to a Google Sheet that you can clone, use, and share as much as you like. 

Learn the long-term, hidden costs of scaling.

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Actionable metrics for engineering leaders.

Eliminate bottlenecks and lend support to stuck engineers.

Drive a culture of continuous improvement with measureable goals.

Pair intuition with data for better decision making. 

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